Hello! So I recently went off my birth control (the pill, I use to be on the patch but that ended up  burning my skin) because my eczema started get out of control, it spread to my breast, underarms, love handles, back and thighs. My breast is what really threw me off. I had no idea what was causing my flare ups whether it was stress, diet or skin products like my soap, lotion, etc. because to my knowledge I didn't introduce anything new to my routine. So my mother suggested the possibility of it being my birth control along with stress (now I do want to add I was not new to BC). It really struck me to try and go off of my BC despite being sexually active because I was no longer feeling good in my skin, that's how bad it got. And when you go on birth control you forget about the huge sheet of paper filled with side effects and warnings that is folded into a tiny booklet that you end up throwing out every new cycle. So I spoke to my significant other about going off my BC to test my mothers theory and so I did. I am only a month and change with NO BC and so far my skin is healing after applying so much eczema cream everywhere. I still have eczema (of course aka no cure) and get the urge to scratch sometimes but NOT as intense to the point I cut my skin with nails because again that's how bad it got. 

I am still not sure if birth control was the root of my flare up but wanted to share my story to see if anyone else who is on birth control and also suffers from eczema has ever experienced anything similar and if so how did they manage? Or does anyone agree that it was indeed birth control that caused my eczema to worsen? More general, can birth control effect/worsen eczema?

excuse any typos lol