A few months ago, I discussed new and full moon wishes and the 2-part cycle of the Moon. To take this idea further I would love to introduce you to the 8-part lunar cycle. We don’t just have a new and full moon each month, though this is what we often hear about. The moon has a 28-day cycle but in astrology we divide this 28 into 8 distinct phases of approximately 3.5 days. Each phase has its own energy and symbolism. I find that if I tune in each month to what phase the moon is in, it makes it easier to decipher why the energy is flowing the way it is from day to day. This 8-part cycle is a perfect way to work on projects, bring things into creation and to help release and let go of what is no longer serving us. Have a read about each of the phases and then see how you go integrating this system into your life, work and creative endeavors. 

New Moon – Set new intentions for the month, write down what you want to create, start, do. This is a planning and thinking phase rather than a ‘doing’ phase.

Crescent Moon – Start your process, make the first motions and creative thoughts about how you will bring this month into being. This starts the action phase of the process but with considered thought and a gentle energy. 

First Quarter Moon -This is the start of the action phase, move forward with your plans/project. Take clear actions.  This is THE doing phase, get to work, you may find there is some friction and inertia you have to overcome but the moons energy will help you to the other side of any hills you have to climb. 

Gibbous Moon – Refinement phase, fine tune your project and adjust. You are almost to the peak of the full moon so this phase is all about analysis of what created to far, how you can make small changes to make things even better before the full moon. 

Full Moon – Step back and see/enjoy what has been created in the first half of the cycle, celebrate your work. It can also be a time to enjoy what you manifested but at the same time release what has been and give thanks for the process

Disseminating Moon – A phase to give thanks for the process, give to others or the world what you have learned and created. A time to scatter your seeds to others and release the energy back into the world.

Last Quarter Moon– This phase is a turning away form what created, you have released it to the world and now is time to prune the project of what is no longer useful, to pull your energy inwards and then rest in order to start a new process in a few more days

Balsamic Moon– Time of rest and reflection. This phase is about ‘being’ and not doing. It’s the final release of the old to get ready for the new phase that is almost upon you. I like to think of it like a seed resting underground before being germinated. 

This is one of my favorite cycles in astrology to tune into. I love starting/seeding new projects within this cycle and if things don’t go to plan you always have next month to start again. I even use this cycle for health goals, starting new ways of eating or exercising at the new moon can give you great momentum and will power as you are able to ride the growing moons energy for the first two weeks. Enjoy and have fun with this.