I didn’t know where else to turn so I thought I’d throw my concerns and questions out there. I was diagnosed with bv back in February. First time having any kind of vaginal issues. Did metro gel for 5 days, got worse. Started metronidazole oral did that for 7 days developed oral thrush. Didn’t work bv came back. Had another appointment they had me try tinidazole. Had a horrible reaction, itchy rash on neck, thighs, tingling of fingers and feet.  Tested positive for bv again and was put on metro gel back to back for ten days. Made it worse (Think burning swelling).  went back to oral metro for 7 days, still tested positive and now as my period is finishing up i am in pain. My Obgyn wanted me to take a break from antibiotics so I just started boric acid. ( had tingling in hands and feet with the oral ) I’m taking probiotics and eating yogurt, no Sex, no tight pants,  no soap down there, and sometimes I can’t even wear underwear. I’m nervous bc my area is so angry and I’m nervous bc nothing has worked. Someone please tell me there is a light at the end of the tunnel! As a mom of two I’m so desperate to play with my kids again and be active.