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Yeast infections
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Yeast infections

Reoccurring Yeast Infections

My boyfriend is a type 1 diabetic. As soon as we started to have sex, I began having reoccurring yeast infections. I’ve seen my Gyno & she’s prescribed me Fluconzole multiple times & I am currently on my first dosage... (More)

Yeast Infections and probiotics

I take a daily antibiotic that causes yeast infections 2-3 times a year. Until this week I only took Saccharomyces Boulardii Probiotics/Prebiotic. This week I added the Good Girl Vaginal probiotics. Is is bad to take both? Do I need... (More)

Yeast infections

Can I have a yeast infection or BV without knowing it? I feel no symptoms, my discharge is normal and I don't have any odd smells. My question arises bc my boyfriend complains he gets discomfort (itch and burning sensations)... (More)

The Vaginal Suppository Duo

Hi! I havent been able to really find any reviews for the Vaginal Duo but I would like to know who has used it and if it works! I just purchased it because I have been having alot of issues... (More)