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Yeast infections
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Yeast infections

Recurring Yeast Infections

Besides the awesome products what else has helped you with those annoying & frequent yeast infections?

It started with chronic yeast infections and now I just have very painful sex

I use to get chronic yeast infections and none of the doctors helped me with it, I started taking probiotics and that seemed to help for awhile paired with boric acid suppositories. We ended up buying Wet Platinum lube but... (More)

Sugar and Vaginal Infections, Is There a Connection?

You may already know this, but yeast is normally found in the vagina. That being said, most do not have any typical symptoms of a yeast infection such as itching, discharge, irritation, or burning. This is because yeast typically is... (More)

5 Tips To Help You Avoid Those Summer Vaginal Infections

During the summer, you might experience changes in your vaginal health including infections like bacterial vaginosis and yeast. Let’s face it, the heat can create a moist (yuck) environment that bacteria and yeast love to thrive in. So, here are... (More)