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Welcome to the Workout Topic! Feel free to share all of your favorite workouts as well as workout tips and tricks, here!

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Get LIFTED with Holly Rilinger

Hey Love Club!

This is a beginner series, LIFTED workout. No equipment necessary and we'll be touching on some basic movement patterns.

Let me know how you like it! I plan to do this tomorrow morning for a Saturday mood... (More)

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Leggings / Comfy Underwear :)

Ok ladies, real talk.... I feel like I’ve been living in leggings these days between, workouts, lounging at home, working from home, etc. I‘m always self conscious of underwear lines showing through my leggings but am not a fan of... (More)

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Workouts = Meal Donations

Recently my friend showed me this app called Vizer, which I thought was really cool and wanted to share with all of you! I've only been using it for a week, so if anyone else has used it before I... (More)

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Melissa Bellflower
Mom, Teacher, Desert Native

Favorite home workouts

What are your favorite home workouts to follow? With childcare closed at my gyms still it looks like I’ll be working out from home for a while longer.