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Women's Health
Women's Health

Welcome to the Women's Health Topic! Feel free to discuss all things women's health related, here - from periods to hormones to bloating and beyond.

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PeriodsWomen's Health

Hi! I am curious about period panties. Are they safe to use? Which brands work?

Bacterial Vaginosis: The What and The Why

BV is the most common cause of vaginal discharge in women of childbearing age, accounting for 40-50% of cases. BV is caused by a change in the normal bacteria in the vagina characterized as a reduction in the normal lactobacilli... (More)

Collagen powder

Hey loves! What's your favorite collagen supplement? I'm wanting to add a scoop to my morning coffee and I'd love any insight! 

Community Discussions
SexWomen's Health
Miranda Murphy
Just trying to Make it

Just not in the mood

I feel like I used to really like and enjoy sex but for some reason I just am never in the mood. What is wrong with me?