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Women's Health
Women's Health

Welcome to the Women's Health Topic! Feel free to discuss all things women's health related, here - from periods to hormones to bloating and beyond.

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Vitamin help

Hi! I’ve been taking a multivitamin for about a month. Only probably is I forget it about 25-50% of the time and usually only take one instead of the recommended 2 (I feel too full when I take both). Any... (More)



has anyone tried garden of life ?? And if not...

what is the best probiotic for BV and yeast infections?? i know everyone is different but is there an all time fav, that helps prevent these issues?? a bonus... (More)

Constant feeling of discomfort with all negative results.

Hi I’m having a constant discomfort and needing to pee yet there is nothing there, it’s all the time and it’s very uncomfortable during and after sex. I’ve had my urine tested, blood work done, Pap smear check up and... (More)

Mirena IUD possibly linked to odor, pH and hormonal imbalances?

I have had the Mirena IUD since the fall of 2018! I have loved every second of it. It has been life changing for my possible endometriosis or period pain (still undiagnosed).

Anyways, everything has been routine up until one... (More)