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Do You Really Need to Wash Your Vagina?

Let’s review your anatomy first because people often confuse the vagina and the vulva. The vagina is an elastic and muscular part of the internal female genital tract. It is a tube that begins from the outside vaginal opening... (More)

The Benefits of Sleeping Naked

Bumps on the Vulva or Vagina and What They Mean

Discovered a new lump or bump on your vulva? Take a deep breath, there is no need to panic. Not all bumps and lumps on the vulva are scary or bad! It’s important to know your body and what is... (More)

Vagina or Vulva? Yes There Is a Difference

Most people use the word vagina to describe the visible, external parts of the female genitalia, but this area is actually called the vulva. Most people are not comfortable with the word vulva because it itn't a word that we... (More)