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Vaginal Wetness
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Low Sex Drive / No “Wetness”

Does anyone else struggle with this? I’ve been with my boyfriend for over a year now and I know it’s somewhat normal to have a lower sex drive but mine is nonexistent. I have a hard time being turned on... (More)

Tips on Increasing Natural Lubrication During Sex from an OBGYN

When aroused, your body creates a natural lubrication preparing the vaginal canal for intercourse. There are many reasons why you may experience vaginal dryness such as changes in the levels of estrogen, certain birth control pills, medications, etc. Not being... (More)

Introducing the Glands That Make You Wet

Did you know that when sexually aroused, two major glands in the vagina releases natural lubricants to make sex comfortable and enjoyable? You may not even be aware that these two glands exist, but they are constantly working together so... (More)

Everything You Need to Know About Lube

Have you ever used a lubricant during sex? According to a study in the American Journal of Sexual Medicine, only 35% of women have ever used lube.

You may not need a lubricant but let's discuss the different types of... (More)