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Vaginal pH
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pH and preventing infections

im so excited to be apart of this community. I’m super super sensitive down below. I never even fully knew how to properly clean my vagina. I thought you should go inside your labias (not the vaginal opening though) and... (More)

The Complicated Relationship Between Semen and Vaginal pH

The vagina has a very delicate ecosystem. After the bowel, the vagina contains the most bacteria in the body. The function of this bacteria is to maintain the vagina’s pH between 3.8-4.5 in order to remain balanced and healthy.

Maintaining... (More)

Things You Should and Should Not Place in Your Vagina

When it comes to taking care of yourself down there, it can be confusing! Through Google searches and social media advertisements, the wealth of information at your fingertips can lead you down the wrong direction, and it becomes challenging to... (More)

Vaginal Discharge, Let's Talk About It