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Vaginal Health
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Laura LaRosa
Girlfriend,best friend.

Pain in pelvic area

I have been having severe pain in my pelvic area. It's usually before during and after my period. After I get my period it's the worst pain. Does anyone have any advice on what could be happening to me? I... (More)

Wax or sugar?

I'm considering going to get my pelvic area waxed or sugared for the first time and am curious of others experiences. Do you have a preference?

Reoccurring yeast infections

If anyone can help me with my reoccurring yeast infections :( I get my monthly boric acid and that worked amazing for me the first month but the infections came back. The only thing that works for me is the... (More)

Has anyone had success with a supplement for balanced candida yeast and vaginal health? Notice less vaginal infections? I’m debating on trying it.