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Happy Vagina-Is That a Real Thing?

Soooo I'm new and just bought my first boric acid suppository and two other vitamins. I've been struggling forever with BV and yeast infections's like hey you're in your 30's now let's change things up! I'm really hoping this... (More)

Tips on Increasing Natural Lubrication During Sex from an OBGYN

When aroused, your body creates a natural lubrication preparing the vaginal canal for intercourse. There are many reasons why you may experience vaginal dryness such as changes in the levels of estrogen, certain birth control pills, medications, etc. Not being... (More)

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hey loves! how do you find to help reoccurring yeast infections :( i am very hygienic but i’m so prone to them! thanks loves!!!

What to Use to Wash Your Vulva

I recently asked a bunch of friends/OBGYNs how they washed their vulva.

I know it’s not a typical topic but I was curious. I'm personally a washcloth user but it was something that I never asked my patients. There is... (More)