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Vaginal Discharge
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4 Vaginal Health Tips for Spring

Spring is here and that means out with the old and in with the new. So what does that mean for your vaginal health? If you are stuck with old habits that aren't doing you any good, now is the... (More)

Light brown clumpy discharge

Light brown clumpy discharge when I wipe after using the bathroom. No odor and not itchy. Can this beBV, yeast infection or normal spotting about a week before I'm supposed to get my period? I know I'm for sure not... (More)

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So my discharge is weird

I’ve been having weird vaginal discharge, it looks sort of yellowish. Idk if I’m peeing myself and I don’t notice or if it’s an actual problem. I’ve had urinal problem in the past and had to get surgery when I... (More)

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How much is too much discharge?

Just curios, how much discharge is too much? anyone else ever think this? can the amount vary depending on the time of the month? also...the color and odor changes a lot for me...ranges from clear to like a milky or... (More)