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Vaginal Anatomy
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Are My Labia Too Big? What You Need To Know About Labial Hypertrophy

The appearance of the external genitalia varies in size and shape from person to person. The labia minora, which are the inside lips of the vaginal opening, can be a particular area of concern and cause insecurity for many. So... (More)

Forget About the G-Spot, Have You Heard About the A-Spot?

What Do Your Internal and External Reproductive Organs Actually Do?

Ever wonder what the difference is between your internal and external reproductive organs? I'm sharing an easy to follow overview of the difference between them and how they all function together.

Your internal reproductive organs function to allow for pregnancy... (More)

How To Avoid an Irritated Bladder by Changing Your Diet

It is estimated that up to 40% of women will suffer from urinary symptoms at some point in their lifetime. These symptoms can include urinary urgency, frequency, pain, spasm, incontinence, incomplete emptying, and excessive urination at night.

As a Urogynecologist,... (More)