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Vaginal Anatomy
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Bleeding Between Monthly Periods? Extremely Heavy Periods? Prolonged Bleeding? I'm Breaking Down What Causes Abnormal Uterine Bleeding

Introducing The Hard To Find Clitoris

The clitoris is not just that part of the vulva that looks like a tiny button. It's made up of multiple parts that we can’t completely see. So let’s talk about the so called hard to find clitoris.

The clitoris... (More)

Introducing the Glands That Make You Wet

Did you know that when sexually aroused, two major glands in the vagina releases natural lubricants to make sex comfortable and enjoyable? You may not even be aware that these two glands exist, but they are constantly working together so... (More)

Vagina or Vulva? Yes There Is a Difference

Most people use the word vagina to describe the visible, external parts of the female genitalia, but this area is actually called the vulva. Most people are not comfortable with the word vulva because it itn't a word that we... (More)