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How the Upper Left Quadrant of Your Clitoris Can Be the Key to Your Next Orgasm

The clitoris is just one of many erogenous zones on your body. It's the most sensitive area on your body because it has 8,000 nerve endings! We often think of the clitoris as the pea-sized structure that sits above the... (More)

A Gynecologist’s Guide to Sexual Self-Care

We all know that self care is a vital component of both mental and physical well being. Here’s how you can add elements to your self-care routine to focus on your sexual health!

Take the time for self guided exploration:... (More)

A Summer Schedule for Your Vagina

It’s Summer, which means you may have some much needed time off. Between vacations, spending time outside, visiting friends and family (just to name a few), your schedule may be packed with plans. In addition to your busy Summer plans,... (More)

An OBGYN's Top 5 Tips to Enhancing Your Sexual Health

When it comes to sexual health, making it a priority is key. From my experience, if I had to choose, here are the top 5 things you should be doing to enhance your sexual health:

Learn About Your Body

The... (More)