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Sexual Health
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Sexual Health
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Did you know semen can cause diarrhea?

I did not know this! I vaguely remember learning something about this in high school but for some reason I don’t remember this fact! I’m a virgin so I sometimes find myself learning up on sexual health to stay knowledgable... (More)

The Benefits of Masturbation

As a urogynecologist, I encourage my patients to explore their female anatomy and to learn about their own pleasure pathways. Although it’s often viewed as a taboo topic, we’re here to change that! Masturbation plays such an important role in... (More)

Sexual Health Tips From an Expert

Let's face it, we didn't learn much about our bodies, puberty, sex, etc. in sex-ed. This then of course left most of us to grow up with countless questions about our bodies, infections, relationships, sex..the list goes on and on.... (More)

Introducing The Hard To Find Clitoris

The clitoris is not just that part of the vulva that looks like a tiny button. It's made up of multiple parts that we can’t completely see. So let’s talk about the so called hard to find clitoris.

The clitoris... (More)