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Hormone free birth control

Hi all! I am researching hormone free birth control options and there are SO many mixed reviews! I have never been able to take regular birth control so that isn't an option and I'd like to move away from condoms.... (More)

Yeast infections

Can I have a yeast infection or BV without knowing it? I feel no symptoms, my discharge is normal and I don't have any odd smells. My question arises bc my boyfriend complains he gets discomfort (itch and burning sensations)... (More)

Community Discussions
SexVaginal WetnessLibido

Low Sex Drive / No “Wetness”

Does anyone else struggle with this? I’ve been with my boyfriend for over a year now and I know it’s somewhat normal to have a lower sex drive but mine is nonexistent. I have a hard time being turned on... (More)

Community Discussions

Sex during menstrual cycles

What are the best sex positions that some women have found during menstrual cycles or perimenopause?