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Miranda Murphy
Just trying to Make it

Just not in the mood

I feel like I used to really like and enjoy sex but for some reason I just am never in the mood. What is wrong with me?

Pain Instead of Pleasure - a Guide to Pain With Sex

Sex plays such a huge role in a couples bond with each other, and it can cause a lot of strain on a relationship when there's difficulties revolving around sex. So let’s talk about the different reasons sex can be... (More)

10 Self-Care Rituals For Your Vagina

There is no shortage of “latest and greatest” vaginal care products and procedures—vajacials, vaginal steaming, vaginal weight-training, etc—that promise to boost the health of your hoo-ha.

But the vagina is much lower-maintenance than most folks realize,... (More)

Expert Articles
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Yes, Vagina Physical Therapists Really Do Exist!

We rely on physical therapists to rehabilitate the muscles within our body, so why should the vagina be any different?

The vagina is supported by the pelvic floor, which is a group of muscles that creates a hammock within your... (More)