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How to Spark Romance

I could use some advice! My husband and I are celebrating our sixth anniversary this weekend, and although we love each other, we have lost our spark. We have let life get in the way of our romantic relationship -... (More)

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My boyfriends semen smells super strongly. We don’t use protection (I’m “fixed”), now I smell like his semen. I’m very clean, always use the RR and and shower using a fragrance free feminine wash. I guess my question s are:... (More)

It started with chronic yeast infections and now I just have very painful sex

I use to get chronic yeast infections and none of the doctors helped me with it, I started taking probiotics and that seemed to help for awhile paired with boric acid suppositories. We ended up buying Wet Platinum lube but... (More)

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SexPelvic Floor

Pain During Penetration

Hello everyone! I find that during sex, penetration is very painful. It feels as though either his penis is too long or my vagina is extra short, and the pounding sensation on my cervix is always so terrible! However, I’ve... (More)