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Any tips for virgin newlyweds?

My husband and I got married a couple weeks ago and neither of us knew what we were doing haha! I’m almost past the initial pain from first time (which way worse than I expected!), and I thought I’d ask... (More)

Tips on Increasing Natural Lubrication During Sex from an OBGYN

When aroused, your body creates a natural lubrication preparing the vaginal canal for intercourse. There are many reasons why you may experience vaginal dryness such as changes in the levels of estrogen, certain birth control pills, medications, etc. Not being... (More)

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SexVaginal Health

hey loves! how do you find to help reoccurring yeast infections :( i am very hygienic but i’m so prone to them! thanks loves!!!

Community Discussions

Does anyone have tips for naturally increasing sex drive while on SSRI medications?

I recently increased my dosage of escitalopram (Lexapro), which is an SSRI. SSRIs have always messed with my sex drive, but it's been something I am willing to sacrifice in order to get the treatment I need. Now that there's... (More)