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pH and preventing infections

im so excited to be apart of this community. I’m super super sensitive down below. I never even fully knew how to properly clean my vagina. I thought you should go inside your labias (not the vaginal opening though) and... (More)

Mirena IUD possibly linked to odor, pH and hormonal imbalances?

I have had the Mirena IUD since the fall of 2018! I have loved every second of it. It has been life changing for my possible endometriosis or period pain (still undiagnosed).

Anyways, everything has been routine up until one... (More)

Recurrent UTI

Hi there! I’m new here and always looking to hear everyone’s opinions and advice. I’m 27 and have been getting recurrent UTIs since i was about 14-15. I just ordered UTI supplements to add to my daily supplements that I... (More)


Probably a weird question, but do any ladies out there (with male partners) have any recommendations for an intimate wash for men? Something like a ph cleanser, but for men. I'm prone to utis and am always thinking about ways... (More)