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Mood Lifters

Ladies, what do you do to lift your mood? I've been thinking about it lately, and here are some of my go-to's:

  1. Tell someone they look nice - you'll probably be surprised how good this will make you feel
  2. Smile... (More)
Lindsey GilbertBrand Ambassador
Curve Model ✨ Advid Reader ✨ Lover of Art

I feel like incorporating some of these into your daily routine can make an impact. I know I’m definitely going to try and get these in. ✨✨

Daily affirmation text ✨

Something I signed up for recently has been a daily affirmation text. It comes around 11 each day and is a great mid day reminder to focus on something bigger than myself. Here’s a video of some of the affirmations... (More)

jennifer LehrExpert
LMFT (Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist)

Everything You Need To Know About the 5 Love Languages

You’ve probably heard about Gary Chapman’s Love Languages. But have you taken the quiz to identify yours? Do you know what they mean for your relationship?

According to Chapman, there are five love languages – each which describe different... (More)