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It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Sort of... right? As a full-time working mom of 2 toddlers, this time of year QUICKLY fills up. Soon the thought of the holidays evokes stress and anxiety instead of the joy and wonder it's supposed to bring. What's a... (More)

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Self-CareMental Health

Self Care doesn't = Selfishness

I’m super busy...and when I Finally have time to MYSELF people think I have time.

It’s MY free time I need to take care of myself for once, need to breathe. I shouldn’t be made felt guilty for this, its... (More)

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Kelsey MillerLove Wellness
Director, Content Studio @ Love Wellness

Cough Remedies!?

Hi @Dr. Gabrielle Francis - I have a lingering cough from when I was sick 2 weeks ago that won't go away! I feel completely healthy but this cough sounds awful / is really annoying! Do you have any natural... (More)

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Self-CareMental Health

Sunset Gazing 🌅

Recently, I was walking near the Hudson River. I decided to sit and watch the sunset. It was so peaceful. I did a little self reflecting and felt a deep appreciation for Earth‘s beauty.

Took a vid of my golden... (More)