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Stress Awareness Day 🧠

Over the past few years, I have learned to cope with stress.

For the most part, I am very chill and laid back but when I feel like something or someone is triggering me, I alleviate stress in ways that... (More)

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Self-CareHair Loss

Hair Thinning

I currently take Nutrafol for my thinning hair, and it seems to be helping. My problem is that I have developed thyroid nodules, and I am wondering if the iodine in the Nutrafol could be the culprit.

Does anyone here... (More)

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Self-CareMental HealthPodcasts

New Podcast Alert!

I recently discovered a new podcast hosted by NPR called Life Kit and I’ve been listening to it everyday! I love that the episodes are shorter (between 20-30 minutes) making them perfect for my morning walks, or listening during lunch... (More)

Bacteria Vaginosis

Can't get rid of it. Any suggestions thats helpful to get ph level balanced. Had partial hysterectomy still have ovaries. It's been a nightmare with bv since.