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Bikini Landscaping

As we welcome summer and 85+ degrees with a side of suffocating Indiana humidity, it's time for me to really start thinking about keeping up with my bikini area as my kids are constantly wanting to play in the water... (More)

Community Discussions
Women's HealthSelf-Care

ISO Effective, All-Day Natural Deodorant

I am searching for a natural deodorant that works all day to keep my funk at bay. I have tried several scents by Native and so far it seems to work the best for me. I do not like that... (More)

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Low Effort Healthy Meal Ideas for Not-so-Great Days.

Personally, it can be hard to eat healthfully or almost eat at all when I'm not feeling well, so I try to keep a few low-effort meals on hand. To me, low effort means simple with very little meticulous prep,... (More)

What products have worked best for anyone who experiences vaginal odor issues?