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Daily Stoic

A simple ritual I’ve added to my morning is reading the daily page in the Daily Stoic book. I do this before I do literally anything else In the day. Just wake up pick the book off my night stand... (More)

AM vs PM workouts / what type of workout

What time do you all workout? I love taking walks in the morning but find it hard to do anything more strenuous in the AM despite wanting to. I’m also curious about what workouts youre doing! Ive been in a... (More)

Dr. Gabrielle FrancisExpert
Naturopathic Doctor, Chiropractor, Acupuncturist

How To Win at Life With the 90/10 Rule

The 90/10 rule, it really is so simple and can be your plan for life: 10% of the time you do what you want. You don’t worry or limit yourself about the food or indulgences at events, concerts, parties, restaurants,... (More)

New here!

Hi everyone! 

I’m wondering if anyone has any helpful tips on how to build a routine and how or when you take all of your different pills. 

Thanks in advance! ☺️