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Community Discussions

Good girl probiotics

Hey!! I just started taking the good girl probiotics. I started out with 1 just to be sure my body would take them okay. I am on week two now and have increased my fiber, is it okay to keep... (More)

Yeast Infections and probiotics

I take a daily antibiotic that causes yeast infections 2-3 times a year. Until this week I only took Saccharomyces Boulardii Probiotics/Prebiotic. This week I added the Good Girl Vaginal probiotics. Is is bad to take both? Do I need... (More)

Community Discussions

Probiotics regimen

Might be a crazy question, but can you take all the probiotics in this line together?? I just ran out of my gut ones. I religiously take good girl probiotics and I just ordered the new brain probiotics. Should I... (More)

Hello! Just ordered my first kit. Was wondering if in the future I decide to add a different type of Lovewellness probiotic- if it’s okay to mix? Hopefully that makes sense! :)