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Preventing BV
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Frequent Vaginal Infections? Here’s What You Should Be Doing on the Regular

We are all aware that everything you put in or on your body can affect your health. This also applies to your vaginal health, too!

The vagina has a very delicate ecosystem that has yeast and bacteria that co-exist harmoniously.... (More)

Sugar and Vaginal Infections, Is There a Connection?

You may already know this, but yeast is normally found in the vagina. That being said, most do not have any typical symptoms of a yeast infection such as itching, discharge, irritation, or burning. This is because yeast typically is... (More)

The Importance of Probiotics From an OBGYN's Perspective

More than 50 different species of tiny organisms live inside your vagina and are dominated by a bacteria called lactobacilli. This is called a vaginal microbiome. Lactobacillus, yeast, and bacteria naturally live in the lower reproductive tract and must balance... (More)

Boric Acid

Does anyone else’s use this only after intercourse?