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Pregnancy Journey
Pregnancy Journey
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My Pregnancy Journey Round 2: Early Second Trimester

Baby boy and I are growing nicely! It is a surreal experience as a second time mom to realize that the space that was first home to my daughter, is now home to another growing being. Now that I’m in... (More)

Vaginal Changes to Expect After Delivery

Pregnancy and childbirth changes your body and can leave you feeling shocked and in disbelief at the changes you're going through. It's something that is rarely discussed and I find more and more patients feeling embarrassed about what they're experiencing.... (More)

My Pregnancy Journey: Round 2!

I am so excited to announce that I am pregnant with my second, a baby boy, due March 2022! Already a proud mom of a beautiful baby girl born in December 2020, if all goes as planned, my two little... (More)

The Fourth Trimester and Postpartum Care

The fourth trimester is defined as the first 12 weeks postpartum. As recent research has shown, the fourth trimester is a critical period for both mom and baby, and therefore its complexity should not be overlooked.

During this time, so... (More)