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Your March 2022 Horoscope is Here

There’s so much happening in our skies this month, I almost don’t know where to start. As we enter month three of 2022 things really start to get rolling. We’re already deep into Pisces season and the dreamy, water sign... (More)

Your 2022 Horoscopes Are Here! See What Awaits You in January 🔮

Well, we made it through the crazy of 2021 and now we get to step into a whole new year!

With astrology, there’s the gift of looking ahead at the energies that we’ll encounter. I think of this almost as... (More)

Your Monthly Horoscope is Here! See What Awaits You in November

As we enter the darker months of the year, the days get colder, and we’re called to rest and renew; November calls for a time to reflect and release. With Samhain (traditional festival celebrated before Halloween) just past, we’re invited... (More)

Horoscopes Are Here! See What Awaits You in October

This month’s energy starts a bit wobbly with Mercury having gone retrograde the week before and continuing until the 17th of October. This starts the month with a review and revised flavor to it, the need to consider your thoughts,... (More)