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Welcome to the Periods Topic! Feel free to discuss that time of the month and all that comes with it here.

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PeriodsCrampsmenstrual pain

More pain than cramps?

Hi! Does anyone else get cramps that feel less like a cramp and more like an overall pain? This is how mine have been feeling. Usually from my lower abdomen down to even the tops of my thighs. my cramps... (More)

Community Discussions

Divacup vs. Tampons - Controversy?!

Hello TLC!

I had a recent regular visit with my OB and was asking her about the Diva Cup and if they were effective - She said they are, but there are a lot of problems with them if you... (More)

How to Manage a Heavy Period During Swimsuit Season

The warm weather is finally here, the pools are opening, and we are planning trips to the beach. So don't let your period get in the way of your fun. Wearing pads or panty liners are out of the question... (More)

Community Discussions

Has anyone else been having REALLY HEAVY periods lately? Mine has been so heavy for the last 3 days that I'm considering going to the er.