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Pelvic Floor
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A Gynecologist’s Guide to Sexual Self-Care

We all know that self care is a vital component of both mental and physical well being. Here’s how you can add elements to your self-care routine to focus on your sexual health!

Take the time for self guided exploration:... (More)

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Pain During Penetration

Hello everyone! I find that during sex, penetration is very painful. It feels as though either his penis is too long or my vagina is extra short, and the pounding sensation on my cervix is always so terrible! However, I’ve... (More)

How Stress Affects Your Vagina

Your vagina is a multifaceted being and can be affected by stress in many ways.

Stress plays a huge role in the regulation of hormones within the body. When the body is under significant stress, cortisol levels can rise, causing... (More)

Can You Leak Urine During Intercourse?

The answer is yes! Leaking during intercourse is actually very common.

This is a form of incontinence known as stress urinary incontinence (SUI), which is the leakage of urine upon exertion or with increased intra abdominal pressure. SUI occurs due... (More)