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Pap Smears
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Abnormal Pap

So I got my first abnormal pap smear results today. I'm waiting for my doctor to review my results and get a hold of me. My results were "atypical squamous cells of undetermined significance with acute inflammation present." HPV was... (More)

A Summer Schedule for Your Vagina

It’s Summer, which means you may have some much needed time off. Between vacations, spending time outside, visiting friends and family (just to name a few), your schedule may be packed with plans. In addition to your busy Summer plans,... (More)

Gardnerella-type flora found during PAP

Every December I have my yearly PAP and women's health test. Every year the doctor calls me when the results come in to say they are negative, but the test picked up some bacteria and they want to put me... (More)

Get to Know Your Vaginal Anatomy Through a Pelvic Exam

Most women will have a pelvic exam during their annual check-up or if they are having a problem involving the female reproductive system. So what exactly is your doctor looking for during this exam? There are two parts to the... (More)