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Welcome to the Nutrition Topic! Feel free to discuss all things food and beyond here. 

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All Hallows’ Eve 🎃

Halloween is my favorite holiday so I love to decorate. I hosted a small get together for my siblings. We snacked on fruit, almonds, sushi and dumplings.

This is my table set up for today and wanted to share.

What... (More)

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Healthy Halloween Peanut Butter Cups

Happy Hallows Eve Love Club!

Looking for a healthy candy alternative this Halloween? I don't want to toot my own horn or anything but I think I've perfected the healthy version of a peanut butter cup. Reese's look out, you... (More)

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Lime Shots 🟢

I’ve been taking pure lime juice shots a few times this past week. Limes are high in vitamin C so they are great immunity boosters. I’m also experimenting to see if this helps with my sinus congestion.

I used a... (More)

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Breakfast helper! 😋🍳

I am wanting to add more protein to my diet and start my day off on the right foot and found this awesome kitchen gadget!!! If there’s any working moms out there like me or you’re just short on time... (More)