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My Pregnancy Journey - Labor and Delivery!

We made it! Thank you so much to everyone for following along with my pregnancy and providing me so much support along the way.

My stubborn trouble-maker decided to stay breech throughout the pregnancy, therefore I had a scheduled C... (More)

My Pregnancy Journey - Third Trimester

These last few weeks are flying by as we prepare for delivery. We’ve had an eventful last month leading up the birth, but what’s 2020 without a little more drama?

I was in a car accident around 33 weeks as... (More)

My Pregnancy Journey - Early Third Trimester

I can’t believe we’re in the home stretch. Now as I’m entering my third trimester, time is moving quickly and before we know it, baby girl will be here! Baby girl and I are doing really well, and the waddling... (More)

How To Nurture Your Baby From the Inside Out

As a mom to be, becoming pregnant can be one of the most exciting times in your life. With that joy comes an immense sense of responsibility for this new little life that is growing inside of you, which I... (More)