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Menstrual Cycle
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Menstrual Cycle

Period cramps in my 10 yr old

My daughter is 10 and started her period this year. She's had 3 cycles so far and each time is just miserable. She's a heavy bleeder and having the worst cramps. I have ovarian cysts and had heavy flows when... (More)

What Exactly are Mood Swings Anyways?

Everyone will experience mood swings from time to time, but if you have rapidly fluctuating emotions that go from happiness to anger, irritability, and even depression, there may be something more serious. Typical mood swings are often triggered by work-related... (More)

An OBGYN Breaks Down the Pros and Cons of Menstrual Cups

Menstrual cups have increasingly become a popular choice among women when it comes to period care. For those that aren't familiar with them, they collect your blood flow rather than absorbing it like pads and tampons. If you are not... (More)

Community Discussions
Women's HealthMenstrual Cycle

Bloating Help

I’ve noticed with my past 2 cycles I’ve been so bloated it’s uncomfortable and makes me feel like sluggish, tired, or irritable. Does anyone have any tips outside of increasing my water intake, I’ve done that and haven’t noticed any... (More)