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Menstrual Cups
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An OBGYN Breaks Down the Pros and Cons of Menstrual Cups

Menstrual cups have increasingly become a popular choice among women when it comes to period care. For those that aren't familiar with them, they collect your blood flow rather than absorbing it like pads and tampons. If you are not... (More)

Kacey LangstonLove Wellness
Senior Director of Community @ Love Wellness

Menstrual Cup Users...Tips Needed!!

I just got a menstrual cup and have to admit, I'm a little freaked out on how to insert this thing. I guess my biggest concern is that I insert it too far and it gets stuck. I had visions... (More)

Which Feminine Hygiene Products Are Right for You?

No two women are the same, nor are their periods or their choices of feminine hygiene products. Some women may not think about what most feminine hygiene products are made of, but there is a lot to consider when choosing.... (More)