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6 Simple Tips for Your Health and Wellness 🍎

Happy World Health Day TLC Fam!

This day is all about embracing your health and wellness! I thought I would share a few of my top health tips that are simple additions to your everyday life! What are your favorite... (More)

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A Must-Watch Ted Talk 🧠

Hi TLC Fam!

Love Club Brand Ambassador, @Octavia Lesane, recently shared this Ted Talk that discusses the connection between exercise and the brain and why exercise is so amazing for the brain. It reminded me so much of a... (More)

Easy Gluten-Free Quiche à L’Américaine 🤪

I shared this easy, gluten-free quiche on my Instagram last week and just knew I needed to share with The Love Club too! I love quiche so much because it’s great comfort food but can be straightforward and healthy. Made... (More)

My Valentine's and Galentine's Day Guide 💞

Hi TLC fam!

It’s almost Galentine’s and Valentine’s Day! These two holidays are all about showing the people you care about just how much you care about them, and almost more importantly, showing yourself a little extra love and kindness.... (More)