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Your May 2022 Horoscope is Here!

This is a lush month ahead, with our energy finally grounded in the earth sign Taurus to bring some stability after the hectic fire of Aries season. The energy this month is stable, yet dynamic with a few eclipses thrown... (More)

Your April 2022 Horoscope is Here

The spring equinox has come and gone (20th March) and thus starts the zodiacal new year with the beginning of Aries season. April starts with the new moon on the 31st/1st of the month and calls in the Aries energy... (More)

Your March 2022 Horoscope is Here

There’s so much happening in our skies this month, I almost don’t know where to start. As we enter month three of 2022 things really start to get rolling. We’re already deep into Pisces season and the dreamy, water sign... (More)

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Your February 2022 Horoscopes Are Here! See What Awaits For You

February greetings! I hope the start of the year has been smooth and full of things you wanted and manifested. As we venture into month two of 2022 things should start to feel more in rhythm than they did in... (More)