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Dr. Ashita GuptaExpert
Integrative Endocrinologist & Thyroid Specialist

What a Healthy Metabolism Looks Like

Metabolism is the process your body uses to convert food into energy. We rely on our metabolism to think, breathe, digest, circulate blood and maintain our body temperature.

Metabolism is highly variable - between the sexes, between individuals and with... (More)

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Hormonesbody odor
Courtney Keane
New Yorker - Science Teacher - Pisces

Hormones & Body Order

For the past few months or so I have been noticing strange changes in my body order. Sometimes I will wake up and realize I have serious body order and then it'll go away in a random amount of days.... (More)

How Your Vaginal Health Affects Your Overall Health

Vaginal health is an important part of a woman's overall health. Problems with the vagina can lead to issues that can affect your sex life, fertility, and your relationship. These changes can lead to stress and lower your self-confidence. So... (More)

Dr. Ashita GuptaExpert
Integrative Endocrinologist & Thyroid Specialist

The Impact of Stress on Our Hormones

Where does the brain end and the mind begin? One could argue, 'the brain is the organ of the mind just as the lungs are the organs for respiration.' But just as our brain drives our consciousness, so too does... (More)