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Healthy Recipes
Healthy Recipes

Welcome to the Health Recipes Topic! Feel free to share all of your health recipes here.

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Healthy Halloween Peanut Butter Cups

Happy Hallows Eve Love Club!

Looking for a healthy candy alternative this Halloween? I don't want to toot my own horn or anything but I think I've perfected the healthy version of a peanut butter cup. Reese's look out, you... (More)

White Bean, Sausage and Kale Soup ft. the OG TJs Cauliflower Gnocchi 😛

Because we probably all have a bag of TJs cauliflower gnocchi in our freezers! This recipe is perfect for those who don’t like to follow a recipe because you can use whatever you have on hand and mix and match... (More)

Kylene BogdenExpert
Registered Dietitian Specializing in Functional Nutrition

Healthy Banana Bread Bites

Quality pre-workout fuel can make or break your exercise and energy. This sounds like common sense, yet the majority of the easily digestible protein bars and energy chews on the market are laced with artificial sweeteners, food dye, and poor... (More)

Community Discussions
NutritionHealthy RecipesRecipes

Loaded vegetable curry soup!

I had a bunch of veggies in the fridge that were about to go bad so I put together a delicious soup! I absolutely LOVE curry and had some green curry paste leftover. Pair that with coconut milk, veggie broth,... (More)