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Sweet Treats 🍭

So...I have a really bad sweet tooth. One of my fav sweet treats are honey glazed donuts from Donut Delight.

But I also love churros and zeppole.

For the most part, I eat healthy but I also like to satisfy... (More)

Greens 🥬

I picked up a new item at Trader Joes. For those who are like me and are too lazy to juice, here is another option for you below. It actually taste decent. 

It’s organic 
It’s organic 
Nutrition facts
Nutrition facts
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Accidentally delicious 😋

So, I accidentally made an extremely delicious lunch the other day and thought I'd share!

A simple and surprisingly excellent halloumi salad:

  • i sautéed green onions and green peppers (olive oil, salt, pepper, garlic salt)
  • added halloumi and fried... (More)
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Fall Baking

I absolutely love the fall! One on my favorite things is to bake (eat) pumpkin treats! this is my pumpkin bread and it’s one my favorites to have for breakfast