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What helps with endometriosis? Diets, exercise, medication...ect?

IVF Diet?

Hi ladies, I went through the whole egg-freezing process in my early 20's and sadly was unsuccessful (long story for another time!). Anyway, I'm thinking about giving it one more try - I'm 29 now, feel even healthier, more active,... (More)

My Egg Freezing Journey - Part 6

Hi TLC fam! Thanks for all your kind words on my previous journey posts. I think if you click my profile you can see them all :)

Part 6 is all about my surgery, recovery, and outlook now that I'm... (More)

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Fertilityegg freezingIVFCCRM

My Egg Freezing Journey (33 years old, NYC) - Part 1

Hi there! Newish to the community, but I'm about to embark on my Egg Freezing journey and thought it would be interesting to share. It has already been a very up and down process and put on hold because of... (More)