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Dr. Gabrielle FrancisExpert
Naturopathic Doctor, Chiropractor, Acupuncturist

Detox 101 Stage Two: The Body

Stage two incorporates exercise to get your muscles moving and blood and lymph flowing. I also suggest bodywork and detox treatments to take your cleanse to a deeper level. Not to mention, they are a great excuse (if you need... (More)

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ExerciseWorkoutWellness 50+

Hi There, I am Handicapped, but I always loved to walk up and down my road.

I loved to walk in the winter on a crisp, glistening nite. Now I can't walk without a walker, I have no balance. Can anyone suggest some way I could get more exercise?? Anyone just jump in!

Dr. Gabrielle FrancisExpert
Naturopathic Doctor, Chiropractor, Acupuncturist

A Naturopathic Approach to Fertility Enhancement: Exercise and Lifestyle

Exercise and movement are so important for great health. I recommend that women stay very active and keep moving for enhanced fertility. However, very high impact exercise such as running and heavy weightlifting can actually be hard on the female... (More)

5 Steps to Reset and Get Back on Track

It can be tough getting back on track after the holidays. Let's face it, it's human nature to start something, let it slide for a bit and then feel like you're starting back at square one. We've all been there... (More)