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Boric Acid 101 with the CX Desk and Dr. Jodie Horton

Hi everyone, Madi here from Team CX.

As many of you know, The Killer is Love Wellness’s boric acid suppository product. For our community members who struggle with vaginal imbalances, The Killer is one of our most beloved products. Just... (More)

From the CX Desk: All Things Sex

Hi hi! Madi here again from the CX Desk. This February, we’re talking sex!

  • “I have had a recurring yeast infection for the last 7 weeks. I have tried SO many different treatments, creams, diets, and probiotics. Does sex reintroduce... (More)

Wellness Goals for 2022 from Team CX!

Hi TLC fam! So excited to share more from Team CX at Love Wellness with you! We thought we'd share our wellness goals for 2022 to help inspire you to stick with your wellness journey!

What are your wellness goals... (More)

Hello and Happy 2022 from the CX Desk 👋

Hi there TLC fam!

Or more specifically, hello from @Amanda Kwasniewicz , @Julia Ruiz , @Madi Himelfarb (that's me!), @Drew Peterson , and Lainee, the women of Love Wellness’ customer experience team! If you’ve ever reached out about a product,... (More)