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Happy Thanksgiving, TLC Fam! 🦃

Hi there Love Club and Happy Thanksgiving! Wishing you all the best day with friends, family, or whomever you celebrate with! Let me know what you are grateful for and what your favorite Thanksgiving traditions are, can’t wait to hear!... (More)

Maybe this is a dream?

Hello all,

I’ve always had this dream of a support group for just women. An in person support group. Where we could talk, vent, eat, hangout etc. I think all women should stick together, power through unity. Despite our class,... (More)

Our Growing Community

The Wellness 50+ group is now over a hundred strong. I am so excited about our growing community within the TLC community!

While there are always so many terrific posts on the main boards -- which I will try to... (More)

Community Discussions

Workouts = Meal Donations

Recently my friend showed me this app called Vizer, which I thought was really cool and wanted to share with all of you! I've only been using it for a week, so if anyone else has used it before I... (More)