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Clean Brands
Clean Brands

Welcome to the Clean Brands Topic! Feel free to discuss all your favorite clean brands here. 

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So guys, I found one of thee best skin care masks to hydrate your skin! I feel that when I use this 3 times a week along with vitamins for my skin, my skin is just beaming ! It’s a... (More)

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Clean Brands

Clean beauty

Hi! what’s your favorite clean hair products and makeup?

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Clean BrandsSelf-Care

Sustainable Brands/ Sustainable Living

I really want to support sustainable brands ( fashion, home, accessories ) and would love to know which sustainable brands you like! A goal of mine is to start shopping smarter and focusing on quality staple pieces verses buying fast... (More)

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Clean BrandsRecyclingPlastic

Empty bottles

Hi ladies! I was wondering what y’all do with your empty bottles of product. Does LW have a recycling process? Do you do anything special with them? I just feel so guilty because it’s so much plastic. TYIA!