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Clean Brands
Clean Brands

Welcome to the Clean Brands Topic! Feel free to discuss all your favorite clean brands here. 

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Dr. Gabrielle FrancisExpert
Naturopathic Doctor, Chiropractor, Acupuncturist

How to Avoid Hormone Disruptors in Cosmetic Products

While the chemicals in cosmetics make us look, feel, and smell better, research strongly suggests that at certain exposure levels, some of these chemicals may contribute to the development of cancer in people. But because personal care products contain a... (More)

Ingredients to Look For (And Avoid) When It Comes to a Vaginal Cleanser

There is very little known about how the chemicals in feminine hygiene products affect the vulva and vagina. The vulva is the most sensitive and permeable area of your body because of the high concentration of sweat glands, hair follicles,... (More)

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Clean Brands
Kylene BogdenExpert
Registered Dietitian Specializing in Functional Nutrition

Non Toxic Candles

Hi! Does anyone have a favorite "clean" candle brand that actually smells good? Really trying to avoid any unnecessary endocrine disrupters over here but I am Not sure I have found anything that I absolutely love yet. 

Community Discussions
Clean Brands

is rose water suitable for all skin types? what brand(s) do you like?

i've seen a couple of posts listing the benefits of rose water, so i was wondering if rose water was okay for all skin types! (also, i'm new, this is the first post i've ever made. i'm not sure if... (More)