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The Vaginal Suppository Duo

Hi! I havent been able to really find any reviews for the Vaginal Duo but I would like to know who has used it and if it works! I just purchased it because I have been having alot of issues... (More)

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BVBacterial Vaginosis

Chronic BV causing stress and depression

I didn’t know where else to turn so I thought I’d throw my concerns and questions out there. I was diagnosed with bv back in February. First time having any kind of vaginal issues. Did metro gel for 5 days,... (More)

Happy Vagina-Is That a Real Thing?

Soooo I'm new and just bought my first boric acid suppository and two other vitamins. I've been struggling forever with BV and yeast infections's like hey you're in your 30's now let's change things up! I'm really hoping this... (More)

Frequent Vaginal Infections? Here’s What You Should Be Doing on the Regular

We are all aware that everything you put in or on your body can affect your health. This also applies to your vaginal health, too!

The vagina has a very delicate ecosystem that has yeast and bacteria that co-exist harmoniously.... (More)