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Boric acid
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Yeast Infections…again!

Along with many other women, I struggle with reoccurring yeast infections and often get them alongside my period. Over the years, The Killer has become my best friend! However, I’m wondering if anyone knows of a more proactive solution? Rather... (More)

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ExpertsBoric acidThe killer

The killer suppository

Not to sound gross or anytjing but can anyone tell me if ypu are supposed to wash out what is left from the night before or should i just wash the lady parts normally and add a new one the... (More)

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PregnancyBoric acid

Can you use a boric acid suppository if you think you may be pregnant?

Happy Vagina-Is That a Real Thing?

Soooo I'm new and just bought my first boric acid suppository and two other vitamins. I've been struggling forever with BV and yeast infections's like hey you're in your 30's now let's change things up! I'm really hoping this... (More)