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Boric acid
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Happy Vagina-Is That a Real Thing?

Soooo I'm new and just bought my first boric acid suppository and two other vitamins. I've been struggling forever with BV and yeast infections's like hey you're in your 30's now let's change things up! I'm really hoping this... (More)

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Boric Acid and Oral Sex

Hey all,

My gyno just put me on boric acid for an entire month every day, because my old gyno had me on 6mo of Metrogel for chronic BV.

I'm seeing my boyfriend in August. Given I'll stop my boric... (More)

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SexBoric acid

Boric Acid

When using boric acid at bed time, is it safe to have sex next day? 


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Can you take boric acid suppositories while pregnant?