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Madeline McNamaraLove Wellness
Community Specialist @ Love Wellness

Help! Need book recommendations for the Labor Day weekend!

Hi there! I am looking for any and all book recommendations for this upcoming holiday weekend! I plan to be laying by the beach and reading but just need a book first!

What do you all recommend?

calling ALL book wormsss

Hey Yall! I will be starting my summer break soon and need new books read, does anyone have some good summer reads (new or old)??? I'm open to anything and really need some guidance :)

Dr. Ashita GuptaExpert
Integrative Endocrinologist & Thyroid Specialist

Why My Book Club Is My Self-Care Secret

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Lindsey Gilbert
Curve Model ✨ Advid Reader ✨ Lover of Art

Happy Thursday everyone! βœ¨πŸ’– has anyone read any good books lately? πŸ“š