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Sweet Treats 🍭

So...I have a really bad sweet tooth. One of my fav sweet treats are honey glazed donuts from Donut Delight.

But I also love churros and zeppole.

For the most part, I eat healthy but I also like to satisfy... (More)


So I have my “work” and my “day/night out” fragrances.

My work fragrance is a combo of the Victoria Secret bombshell and Glossier.

My day/night out fragrance is the Balenciaga Florabotanica. This is currently sold out bc I think ppl... (More)

Body Moisturizers 🧴

For the last few weeks I’ve been using this spray body moisturizer and love it. I always keep my face hydrated and moisturized but very lazy when it comes to doing the same for my body.

This spray makes my... (More)

Deodorant 💐

Ive been using the IYOBA deodorant for several months now and I have been loving it.

What is your favorite deodorant at the moment?