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River Bridge 🍃

I am so glad the NY weather is getting nicer. I started getting back to my nature run/walks. I recently started taking this new path and there are so many cute little river bridges.

I recorded a video from my... (More)

Stress Awareness Day 🧠

Over the past few years, I have learned to cope with stress.

For the most part, I am very chill and laid back but when I feel like something or someone is triggering me, I alleviate stress in ways that... (More)

TedTalk: Brain Health 🧠

In honor of brain health week, I wanted to share a Ted Talk I came across last year.

This is Dr. Wendy Suzuki, a neuroscience professor at NYU, and she discusses the benefits that exercise has on your brain.

I... (More)

Sweet Treats 🍭

So...I have a really bad sweet tooth. One of my fav sweet treats are honey glazed donuts from Donut Delight.

But I also love churros and zeppole.

For the most part, I eat healthy but I also like to satisfy... (More)