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Birth Control
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Ovarian cysts while on placebo?

Is it ok that I’ve been getting cysts while on the sugar pill week? I had one pop with a small amount of bleeding yesterday.

I really don’t even know what I’m asking here. I just want to know is... (More)

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Birth Control

The killer

Hello, this is my first time ever using The Killer and I just wanted to know if it does affect your IUD or other birth controls? 

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Birth Control

Birth Control Pill Question

Hi! I recently had a road trip and I accidentally left my birth control pills in the trunk of my car during a 6 hour drive. It was over 90 degrees outside and I’m sure even hotter in the trunk.... (More)

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SexBirth ControlLibido

Libido and Birth Control

Does anyone know how to combat the decrease the sexual drive lowering when you are on birth control? Any gentle libido pills on the market?