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Bacterial Vaginosis
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Yeast infections

Can I have a yeast infection or BV without knowing it? I feel no symptoms, my discharge is normal and I don't have any odd smells. My question arises bc my boyfriend complains he gets discomfort (itch and burning sensations)... (More)


a Few weeks ago, I started to get whitish, grayish, chunky discharge. I immediately got online and scheduled an appointment with an online doctor. After reviewing all of my symptoms, she said that I had BV. She prescribed me an... (More)

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Bacterial VaginosisBV Problems
Laura LaRosa
Girlfriend,best friend.

BV Problems

Had anyone else struggled with BV? I was constantly going to the doctors getting antibiotics after antibiotics, then after the antibiotics were done the problem kept coming back. I tried everything over the counter washes, suppositories, you name it nothing... (More)

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BVBacterial Vaginosis

Chronic BV causing stress and depression

I didn’t know where else to turn so I thought I’d throw my concerns and questions out there. I was diagnosed with bv back in February. First time having any kind of vaginal issues. Did metro gel for 5 days,... (More)