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Dr. Gabrielle FrancisExpert
Naturopathic Doctor, Chiropractor, Acupuncturist

6 Overlooked Root Causes Of Depression and Anxiety

While western medicine usually treats these conditions as chemical imbalances that require medication, there are deeper root causes that are often overlooked.


Inflammation is a normal response of your body to injury, toxins and infections. It has a regenerative... (More)

How to De-stress for Better Sex

Stress can lead to both mental and physiologic changes that can significantly impact sex and libido. Stress triggers an increase in cortisol and epinephrine levels, which in high concentrations can lead to decreased libido. Stress can also trigger anxiety which... (More)

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Hot Flashes and Anxiety


I had a complete hysterectomy at the age of 39, eons ago! 😉 I have been on some form of HRT ever since. At my well woman visit recently, my Dr asked that I stop the Estradiol as i... (More)


I suffer from Endometriosis and a long list of other health issues. Having Endometriosis causes a lot of pain inside and out! The older I get, the more sensitive my body has become to anything and everything it seems. The... (More)