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My favorite affirmation: ENERGY! 

Surround yourself with positive energy, both from people and yourself! Manifest and channel this energy into becoming the best version of yourself! :) 

Happy Wednesday!

Happy Valentine's Day, Love Club!

Happy Valentine's Day to all of my favorite community members!

Whether you're spending today with friends, family, a significant other, your puppy, or alone, I hope that you remember all the reason to love yourself. You are all so special,... (More)

Madeline McNamaraLove Wellness
Community Specialist @ Love Wellness

Monday Motivation for the First Week of January!

Happy Monday everyone and happy New Years! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are excited for a new year (I know I am!) I thought I would provide a bit of Monday Motivation to help start off your... (More)

Saturday Positivity

Hi everyone, I hope today is a good day!!! Start your day right with some affirmations below 🥰 I hope you all have a day full of happiness and joy

Heres my affirmations for today:

I am loved

I am... (More)