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Asked a question 2 years ago

What’s Your Hair Washing Schedule? 🦁

Pam Holden
A big plus with having grey hair is you don't have to wash it as often. It tends to be drier and you can go a lot longer before dirt and oils start to show.
Joanna Dubuc
My hair is very thin and gets greasy easily so I used to wash it everyday. Now that I'm working from home I started only washing it 2-3x a week - total game changer! My hair is much thicker and it's the longest it's ever been. I just wear a classic slick bun on greasy days :)
Olivia Pond
I have thick wavy hair that used to get greasy fast but I’ve trained it to where I only wash it once a week - sweaty workouts included. It’s made such a difference in the health and texture of my hair! Definitely recommend plying around with a day or two of no washing and seeing how you feel!
Cassie Hodgin
Although honestly, it's probably more like 1-2x a week, even with workouts included.
Kimberley Emerick
Being a natural red head, I have had to experiment and learn a lot over the years in order to keep my hair the healthiest. I try to only shampoo a couple times a week, unless I'm swimming regularly, in which case I shampoo immediately after leaving the pool. Lately, my favorite hair routine? Rinsing my hair in bath water. Yup, just bath water with a natural based milk bath added to it, and then letting it air dry overnight. It makes my hair so curly and gives it so much volume. If it becomes too "messy" looking for work, I pull it into a large curly pony tail and throw on a headband and it's a very low maintenance but cute look (I work long hours in my job sometimes so low maintenance/convenience is key).

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