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Lauren BosworthLove Wellness
Founder, CEO @ Love Wellness
Asked a question 2 years ago

In the comments, list these products in order of importance to you

Octavia Lesane
Vaginal probiotic
Gut Health
Cleanse Detox
Hair Supplement
Kaelee Kress
1. Cleanse/detox
2. Gut health
3. Hair loss (very very close with gut health, but then I thought maybe better gut health could lead to better hair?
4. Vaginal probiotic suppository (I don't even know how to decipher what this "really means")
LeeAnna Newman
Gut Health Probiotics; Vaginal Probiotic Suppository, Cleanse Detox Product & then Hair Loss/Hair Growth Supplement...
Danielle Whearty
1. Cleanse/detox
2. Gut Health
3. Hair Loss/Hair Growth
4. Vaginal Suppository (not sure this would be a product for me)
Mandy L Mudrick
Hair Loss/Growth Supplement, Cleanse/Detox Product, Gut Health Probiotic, & then the Vaginal Probiotic Suppository!
Dr. Jodie Horton Expert
Cleanse/detox, vaginal suppository, gut health, hair loss/hair growth
Dory Cooper
1. Gut Health
3.Vaginal Suppository
4.Hair Loss/Growth
Jaya Daley
1) vaginal suppository
2) gut health
3) cleanse/detox
4) hair loss/growth
Sonya moltere
Vaginal, gut and cleanse
Mariah Clark
1. Hair growth
2. Gut health
3. Cleanse/detox
4. Vaginal suppository
Andrea Wilson
1. Vaginal Health
2. Cleanse & Detox
3. Hair Growth
4. Gut Health
Seanna McCabe
1. Gut Health
2. Vaginal Health
3. Cleanse & Detox
4. Hair Growth
Jill Anthony
1. Hair Loss/Growth 2. Gut Health 3. Cleanse & Detox 4. Vaginal Health
Melissa DiCapua
1. Cleanse/detox
2. Gut Health
3. Hair Loss/Hair Growth
4. Vaginal Suppository
Erin McCormick
1. Hair loss/growth supplement
2. Gut health
3. Cleanse/detox
4. Suppository for vaginally health

Thanks for asking us! 😙
Gina Mejia
Vaginal health, Gut health, Cleanse, Hair loss/growth
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