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Amanda KwasniewiczLove Wellness
VP, Customer Experience & Journey @ Love Wellness
Asked a question 2 years ago

Do you use a period tracking app? Or apps in general for tracking different areas of your health? Which ones?

Lexi Bralver Love Wellness
I have used "period tracker" for years! (I have data logged back from 2013) You can add in all your symptoms, moods, sleep schedule, physical activity, weight, water consumption...I currently only use the period tracker but I bet the other stuff is helpful too lol
i use a period tracker but just so I can track my mood! it helps me prepare for when I can expect pms symptoms to start (i can become super depressed/anxious) and i know to go extra easy on myself ❤️
Anna Kavanagh Love Wellness
i use flo and it's been great for me bc i can never remember where i'm up to. i've used it for years now and to the DAY when i'm due.
Yasmine Williams
I’m addicted to P.C this app is on time with everything. This app help me get pregnant told me when to have sex and told me what to do. It also let me know what date my menstrual was coming it’s so accurate with the days the only thing it doesn’t help with is the time but I’m okay with it as long as my menstrual come when the day says it’s going to come I’m cool with that.
Jaimie Medina
I use Kindara and Flo! I prefer Flo, it's so easy and helpful!
Laura M
I have been using clue for about 2 years now. I love clue, I have tried so many others and it is so much more user friendly in my opinion than others I have tried.

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