As we enter the darker months of the year, the days get colder, and we’re called to rest and renew; November calls for a time to reflect and release. With Samhain (traditional festival celebrated before Halloween) just past, we’re invited to honor our ancestral roots, to let the ground before us be blank and barren as the earth rests and readies itself for new beginnings.

In traditional Celtic times, October 31/November 1st is considered the new year, where we wipe the slate clean, sweep out the house and turn inward for a few months before our ‘rebirth’ at the Winter Solstice. November is a great month to release that which is not serving you; things, habits, people or work that no longer fills your emotional cup with joy.

The planetary energies this month are drawing our attention to deep emotions and what we truly value in life. When we focus on these two areas, some questions may arise; what have we been ignoring to “keep the peace” and what parts of ourselves have we outgrown?

The balancing act of Libra energy is long gone, and the depth of Scorpio season is calling us to investigate and look into the depths of our life and our needs. The first few weeks of November allow us to enter our emotional underground. We’re invited to find our hidden gems and bring them back to the surface, so that we can give them to the world to be celebrated and utilized. 

By November 10th, we have a shift in energy. Action and intellect combine to help us harness these gifts we have found within ourselves and use them in our daily lives. As the Sun enters Sagittarius near the month’s end, the deep work will be over and the expansive horizons of our future goals and projects will become clearer. This is a powerful month to find your own, inner magic and bring it into the light. 

The goal this month is to allow yourself to swim in the deep end of the pool to find your gifts and see how to make them of value in your daily life. November can be a liberating month, where you have the inner strength and fortitude to make changes in your health and eating habits that you have been procrastinating on. Write down what you want to change, deeply feel what those changes will do for your life and then by November tenth, you will have the energy and drive to put them into action. Cleansing teas, green juices, fibre, and hot water with lemon will help release all the stagnation you’ve been experiencing. Find the love and value in your health and then action manifesting it. 

This may feel like a big month that can push your boundaries, but I promise it will be for the good of your wellbeing by month’s end. The start of the month see’s you trying to balance pleasure and purpose. Make a list of the things you are striving for in life and with your health, and the revise the list. Observe where your life is out of balance and how this is limiting you from reaching your health goals. By mid-month, the energy will speed up and you will be able to release your old habits faster than you ever thought possible to step into your best self.

At times, it can feel too fast but a lesson for Taurus in November is to trust and allow things to happen without hard work. The universe has your back and is pushing you to evolve in some magnificent ways. You just need to not overthink the situation and trust that the changes are for your higher good. As you speed along faster than you thought possible, make sure you’re supporting your adrenals. Green tea, matcha, and raw cacao can all help to stabilize you without the impact on your adrenals that coffee or alcohol would produce. 

November sees you balancing the energy between daily life and your more spiritual, intuitive self. The month starts with a deep dive into all that you need to be doing for your physical and emotional wellbeing. It’s time to take stock of how you can make your daily routine into a sacred ritual for your health. What little things can you be doing to keep you flowing with your physical body? Yes, yes, I know that sounds very boring and slow, but you need to be thriving on all cylinders by mid-month as your more intuitive and dreamy self gets to have a party with the full moon. Essentially, I’m saying  you need to ground and give energy to your physical self so that you can embody your higher energies by mid-month.

You can’t grow beautiful flowers unless you have healthy soil for the flowers to grow. Tap into what your body is asking you to do, otherwise your immune system may feel a bit wobbly by month’s end. Vitamin C rich foods, echinacea, astragalus, and garlic can all help to strengthen your immune system. Go easy on the alcohol and caffeine which can overstimulate and deplete you during this sensitive time. Remembering to hydrate will also help to cleanse the system and keep your energy vibrating at a higher level. 

This month’s energy is asking you to get your creative flow into high gear to manifest those things you’ve only been dreaming about for the last 6 months. Your energy is high in November so long as you don’t get too lost in the depths of your emotional ocean. The Scorpio new moon, along with a meeting of planets in your creative sector, brings an energy of action and  intellect to your life.

Social invites will be both a highlight and a distraction, so make sure to have boundaries around your time and what you say yes to. You need to keep some of this creative energy for yourself and your body, rather than spending your whole bank account of good juju on friends and social gatherings. Your body would love some heart pumping exercise, be it running, dancing or hot yoga. You need to turn up the heat and get yourself sweating to release all that’s not serving you anymore. Nervous system support will make you feel fabulous too; chamomile, lemon balm or licorice tea should hit the mark. B vitamin and omega-3 rich foods will stabilize the system while you’re on ‘fire’. This month has the potential to be filled with joy and pleasure, just remember to take care of the physical as much as the mental. 

Stay late at work and achieve or stay under the covers and sleep all day? This month’s energy sees the vibrant lions trying to find balance between what nourishes them at home, versus conquering the world and gaining all the credit for doing so. November’s new moon is highlighting your creative home energy, which can see you cleaning out the pantry and taking stock with how you nourish yourself on the inside. It’s a great time to press the reset button on eating habits and how you approach health on the home front. Think of this as the foundation, building your health and strength, as mid-month sees you achieving and flying high in work and career.

You want to be looking your best as you receive all the credit, so get your hair and nails done, eat those salad greens rather than chocolate, and hydrate before you go to the party. It’s an exciting month ahead, you just need to approach it with sensible choices. These choices will build your stamina so you can take on the world by the 20th. 

It’s time to put your mental seat belts on and get ready for an amazing month of ideas, communication, and brain power. The new moon is highlighting areas of your life that you naturally thrive in, so it’s about making sure to remember to eat and drink to keep the body going while you create up a storm of ideas that could have far reaching impact.

Easily distracted and hyper focused on work, you need to ground and support your body and nervous system so that it can last the distance. Protein at each meal, and easy, health snacks on hand will prevent you from reaching for chocolate or caffeine to get you through the day.  Limiting these vices and will see you finishing this month on a high rather than a crash and burn. Plenty of good oils/fats, lots of bitter salad greens, and raw seeds and nuts will help to stabilize your energy and nervous system. Digestive teas after dinner will also help you switch your sympathetic nervous system into the ‘rest and digest’ parasympathetic system to help you get a good night’s sleep. A pen and paper on the bed side table is also handy to jot down all your brilliant ideas that may be keeping you awake. 

Have you come back to earth after your dreamy birthday month celebrations? November’s energy is all about your deep needs, and emotional balance. I know that sounds a bit intense, and it will be as the full moon stirs up and highlights what’s been hidden from view or conveniently just not addressed lately. Start the month with a good review of what you need and value in life as you move into autumn and the quieter months of the year. Plan and envision what you really want, not what you think others need. There’s great inspiration and drive to manifest what’s important to you. By mid-month you’ll be asked to make sure that it fits what you need in life emotionally, not just physically.

November brings the energy to stick to some new health routines, do a light detox, cleanse and make sure you don’t continue birthday celebrations and treats all the way into the Christmas season. Beets, bitter greens, and pomegranate are beneficial at this time, as are the cruciferous vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli and Brussel sprouts. Fermented foods can help settle your digestive system and make sure you are having plenty of water to keep your kidneys happy. 

It’s your month to shine and you should be vibrating on a fantastic level as November starts a powerhouse of good feels for you. The new moon calls in a renewal of self that you haven’t felt for a long time. It’s like a snake finally shedding its old skin and starting a new cycle. Vision board, journal, or call in the energy of action and intellect, as all the things you’ve been thinking about can be put into action this month. Consider what you want your physical body to do and be for the next year and act towards those goals; the universe definitely has your back.

Group exercise and social gatherings can lead to some great connections, so turn off the home yoga class and get out into the world as it’s waiting to gift you some wonderful experiences. Sweating is always a great way for a Scorpio to detox, be it a sauna, hot tub, steam room, or hard exercise session, but don’t forget to hydrate and nourish yourself afterwards. Lighter meals with steamed vegetables and soups can add to your fresh and renewed sense of being.

The month leading up to one’s birthday is actually a time to retreat, review, and nourish yourself as your immune system and vitality can actually be at their lowest. You may feel like taking on the world, but your body is asking you to rest and restock before the celebrations begin. Take some timeout near or in water, be it a lake, the ocean or a bathtub to unwind and decompress from the year just gone. Yes, you can vision board and plan your big plans but just keep it to your journal and imagination and don’t act on those ideas until we hit the end of the month or even December.

Garlic, onions, soups, stews, fermented foods, and lots of fibre to reset the digestive system, which in turn, supports your immune system. Citrus fruits, rosehip tea, and having a few weeks away from stimulants and alcohol will see you flying high by the time it’s your birthday. I promise, the sleep credits and decompression of your nervous system now, will see you vibrating with health by the time the holiday season rolls around. Nourish should be your key word for the month! 

Collaboration and inspiration, those are your key words for this month. Your ever diligent nature always keeps your health in a bit of a precarious position and it’s time to look up from the work desk and take stock of how you’re physically feeling. Think of your health this month as another work project, listen to what it’s asking for and then put those plans into action. Maybe make a to-do list for your digestive and nervous systems, which need extra care.

Warming foods with a bit of spice such as turmeric, chili, and garlic will help to get your circulation flowing and energy rising. Healthy fats, omega-3 foods, and raw seeds and nuts will fortify your depleted nervous system and lubricate those creaky joints. Meal prepping fabulous soups, stews and curries will make it easier to nourish yourself instead of grabbing something at the corner store when you realize you are starving. I guess what I’m saying this month is look up, enjoy the creative energy the universe is gifting you and don’t forget to play as much as you produce (work). 

November’s energy will feel like a see-saw for the water bearer, as this month’s energy calls you to achieve as well as retreat. The new moon is highlighting your achievement sector and recognition for your hard work is on its way. This in turn inspires you to work even harder, yet you need to make sure that your physical body is up for the task.

Digestion needs love and attention as your nervous system can override your ability to recognize when you are hungry or even thirsty. Hearty stews, soups, and baked vegetables prepped for the week may be the answer to your lack of desire to cook. A healthy meal service can be a great alternative, so that your brain can keep creating while your body is taken care of. Bitter foods, olives, and dandelion or lemon balm tea can help to stimulate your digestive system which may feel like it has taken a holiday. Probiotics, fibre, and fermented foods can also be of assistance. 

November’s energy will feel pretty fabulous for the fish, as long as you remember that you have a body as well as a mind and spirit. There are big dreams to be dreamed and make manifest with your creative juices on high, as you find inspiration and energy are easily accessed at this time of year. I know at times you have all those great ideas but lack the energy to get them into the physical realm; I’m here to tell you that now is the time, you have the ability to tick off more of your creative do-to list than you’ve had in a long time. This is all preparation for December when you will actually see those ideas come into the material realm.

The thing is you need to remember that you also have a physical body that needs fluids, movement, and healthy food. When you forget to eat your adrenals and immune system can pay the price as you ride the cortisol high but then crash hard afterwards. Stock up on healthy snacks, pre-made delicious meals and some good immune supporting teas to see you through this creative time. As we head into the colder months your immune system will be asked to work overtime and you need to nourish with foods high in vitamin C, D and iron before the real winter months set in. Have fun, just remember that you own a physical body!